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The Kibitzer

  • So here is what is happening per game changes. Please read carefully. First, there IS STILL an Open game Wednesday evening at 6:30. As of right now, there are NO plans to cancel this game. NONE. This coming Friday, the 15th, will be the last Friday for the 199er game. But this is not the end of the 199er game. It is moving to Wednesday mornings at 9:30. The FIRST 199er game on Wednesday will be the 20th at 9:30. Everyone OK so far? Now, there may or may not be an Open game on Wednesday mornings. We will let you know. We want to get the 199er game going first before we commit to anything else. And we for sure hope that moving the 199er game from Friday to Wednesday does not hurt it. This is all about Sherri and I trying top get to a five-day work week rather than six. We hope everyone understands the reason for this and is supportive.

  • Sunday’s Unit Game winners were Peggy and Don on 71/2 table movement.

  • Well, yet another very, very successful Sectional. Thanks to all and especially “Thanks” to Judy N, Ellen, Leigh, Sharron, Denise Cox and Sherri. Jeff J did an incredible job as per normal and the duplicated boards for the Swiss were once again a huge hit. Great team effort and thanks to anyone/everyone who contributed time/money/energy.

  •  Virginia’s Birthday party was a big success…she is settling in nicely at 97 and looking forward to many more.





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