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The Kibitzer

  • We are very excited and happy to welcome Steve Jones back. Steve has relocated back to Eugene from Washington. Steve was a fixture in the old Wednesday evening game at the Garden Club playing with his dad Bill and his mother Mildred. Welcome back!!!

  • 72.28% game for Jeff and Laurie on Tuesday.

  • Club Championship winners from Monday morning were Gayle and Toni with a 60% which got them 3.06mps. Nice

  • Wonderful new art show by Dani Zack. Thanks, Dani, for sharing your incredible work.
  • Great turn-out for Swiss-14 teams. Congrats to the Palman Team…Cindi, Judy, John and Ellen. Games on Sunday afternoon, Monday morning and then….party time.

  • Thanks to all who attended the party. We look forward to next year’s. “Thank-You” to Roy Lisi and special, special “Thank-You” to Alex and Kim.

  • Congratulations to Jeanne Savage who recently passed her Director’s exam. Jeanne will be a great addition.

  • The picnic was, as usual, a great success. Thanks to all and especially to Terry N for organizing and Mary for hosting.

    Mary in her garden






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