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The Kibitzer

  • No Swiss teams this month. There will be a game Monday morning, the 31st. The Regional starts that evening.

  • There will be a game on Sunday, August 20th. No game on Monday, the 21st. Eclipsed by the moon.

  • What a great event. Thanks to Mary for hosting the picnic yet one more year. Her place gets more gorgeous every year…if that’s possible. The food…well, the food. Suffice it to say Phil (nor anyone else) had any complaints or went hungry. Photos to be posted soon.

  • Civil War match this year is in Corvallis. Please sign-up at EBC. The date is October 21st. As of now, it is a pairs game. We will let you know if they convert it to a team game. The folks their will be providing a lunch at Noon with game time scheduled for 1:00PM. They would like 8 pairs in each of the three strats.

  • 99er Game on Friday had 41/2 tables. A good…no, great time was had by all. Thanks to Ralph for staying on this. Here is a link to the results.

  • The Corvallis-Albany folks want to do the Civil War match on Saturday, the 21st of October. They would like 8 teams in each of the three strats. Not quite sure if we can put this together or not. Anyhow, please sign-up if you can participate.

  • Some good articles in this month’s Bulletin. I had discovered the idea of using BBO robots for the sit-out. The issue for us is lack of reliable internet. Comcast’s charge was out of the question. The “Hot-Spot” is just not reliable enough. Just another example of the future of Bridge being on-line.


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