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The Kibitzer

  • We weren’t kidding, Laurie really is giving Beginner Bridge Lessons!  Here’s a couple of photos of the two tables (8 eager students) from the first day of school (9/14/16).


  • Laurie Rowe is going to offer Beginner Bridge Lessons. The lessons will start on Wednesday, September 14th and will run for eight weeks. Class time is 5:15 to 6:15 at EBC. Cost is $100. This is a rare opportunity. Please tell any of your friends whom you think might be interested.
  • Here’s a couple of photos from the Unit Game on 9/11/16.  In photo 1, Ginny and Steve wait patiently to begin their game as the ‘Rover Pair’ in the 7 1/2 table movement of that day.  Comparing photo 1 to photo 2 we see that Mary and Leigh have moved from table 1 to table 5 (so it’s 5 rounds later).  Photo cred as well as excellent directing was accomplished by Judy Nevell.  [Ed note: You try saying something interesting in these captions!]



  • Teams are just about set for the Civil War Swiss on October 22nd. Listing of teams is now posted.
  • It is a ways out there, but not too soon to sign-up for the Roger-Jeff show on Saturday, December 10th. This was very well received last year and we are fortunate to have an encore performance by these guys. Cost this year is $75 and will include lunch. Time is 9-4. Sign-up sheet is posted. Works best if you have a partner but not required.
  • Probably not a bad time to pass along a gentle reminder about this topic. Bridge and politics often do not go well together. This election will likely lend itself to strong feelings on both sides. Perhaps best if we have some awareness in this area. Let’s see if we can all commit to leaving the political comments and discussions for times away from the bridge table and outside the club. Thanks, thanks, thanks.