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The Kibitzer

  • Mini-2/1 class this Saturday. 9-12.

  • There is a 5th Thursday this month so we will see if we can get an “8 Is Enough” game going. Get a team and sign-up. A player is 3, B is 2 and C is 1 and the team total cannot be greater than 8.

  • Terry and John T had a 71% game Thursday.

  • VERY NICE 75% game by Jan and Cornelia on Tuesday. Congratulations!!! We also had a visitor from Astoria…Flora Law. We hope she makes a return visit.

  •  Regional has come and gone. Some strong performances by several local players. A special shout-out is in order, I feel, to Leigh Wells. It is not an easy job and Leigh handles it with aplomb. I believe everyone who wanted a partner had their needs met. The table count was down considerably from the projections. The National being held in Vegas had an impact. Too bad.

  • Congratulations are certainly in order to Mac on the completion of his maiden voyage as DIC for a National. Impressive is not quite an adequate enough descriptor. Well done, McKenzie.

  • Not too early to begin planning for Marsh-Morgan 2nd Annual Labor Day party. Monday, September 2nd. Starts some time after 2 and goes until the authorities show up. Expanded entertainment this year and as per normal, will begin at 4:20.


  • Reminder. Political discussions not a great idea at the bridge club.






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