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The Kibitzer

  • It is with regret that we let you know that we are having to cancel the session with Roger and Irva. Sherri and I extend our sincerest apologies to Roger and Irva and we certainly appreciate their willingness to provide this event.

  • The vacation on Molokai was great and thanks to Kim and Judy and everyone for covering.

  • STaC games all this week. Silver points. Extra $1.

  • CONGRATULATIONS to Connie W and Lee S for the Unit game win. Impressive. Clearly a formidable partnership in the making.

  • New for the New Year. We are planning on a Swiss Team game on the 5th Tuesday of January. We have always just done Swiss on Sunday so this is a change. Some folks have asked for Swiss Team games so wanting to respond to that. There is a sign-up sheet posted. Get a team together and sign up. This will also serve as a GNT qualifier.

  • Speaking of signing up, it is time to sign up for the party at Shadow Hills. The Unit needs a count. Please sign up now.





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