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The Kibitzer

  • We had a special visitor Wednesday Evening...Mary’s great grandson…Jaydon Johnson. Great to have him.


    Jaydon & Great Grandma Mary

  • Nice 71+% game by Jeff  & Paul. The boys garnered 5th overall out of 463 tables. Impressive and nice job!!! Worth 7+Silvers.
  • Here are some more photos from the Picnic.
  •  Laurie Rowe is going to offer Beginner Bridge Lessons. The lessons will start on Wednesday, September 14th and will run for eight weeks. Class time is 5:15 to 6:15 at EBC. Cost is $100. This is a rare opportunity. Please tell any of your friends whom you think might be interested.
  • Probably not a bad time to pass along a gentle reminder about this topic. Bridge and politics often do not go well together. This election will likely lend itself to strong feelings on both sides. Perhaps best if we have some awareness in this area. Let’s see if we can all commit to leaving the political comments and discussions for times away from the bridge table and outside the club. Thanks, thanks, thanks.