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The Kibitzer

  • New Board officers are: President, Bing; Vice-President, John Wolf; Secretary, Betsy and Carole is Treasurer.


  • We would like to keep the Wednesday Night game going but it is going to take more tables than we have been getting lately. If you are interested in seeing this game continue, consider attending.

  • Another great event from Mac. Thanks.


  • Check out the great story in the Club News Section of the latest ACBL Bulletin.


  • New Board members are John Wolf, David Partridge, Carole Schmitz and Denise Cox.


  • Hey. This is simple. If you are sick, STAY HOME.

  • Reminder. Political discussions not a great idea at the bridge club. Bridge hands. Trips. Grandkids. Weather. Traffic. Partner’s stupid plays. Oh, sorry. Not that last one.  Thanks.






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