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The Kibitzer

  • Several outstanding performance by the locals in the Seaside Regional. Click here to check out all the results. For sure worth a special mention is that Judy N and Dr. McCumsey blew away the field in the Gold Rush Pairs with a 66+% which also garnered Ellen her Life Master. Congratulations.

  • Ginny Stark recently became a Gold Life Master. Wow. Impressive. Congratulations.

  • 71+% game for Ali and Martin on Wednesday morning. Yahoo. Congratulations. They are on the plaque!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Great to have a visit on Wednesday morning from Ken Jones. Ken now resides in Sisters but expects to be making occasional trips to the Valley so we look forward to seeing him more at the tables.

  • The Civil War. Once again, a great event. Thanks to all of Beaver Nation who attended. Thanks to a host of folks who helped with the event. Results. Ducks won Flight A 161-159; Flight B was a tie at 160-160 (Sometimes that over-trick does matter.); The C strat. came through big time for the Ducks winning 188-132. (An aside here. A Duck turned Beaver team actually placed first for Beaver Nation. (Nice job Dottie and team.)

  • Reminder. Political discussions not a great idea at the bridge club. Bridge hands. Trips. Grandkids. Thanks.

  • We are very excited and happy to welcome Steve Jones back. Steve has relocated back to Eugene from Washington. Steve was a fixture in the old Wednesday evening game at the Garden Club playing with his dad Bill and his mother Mildred. Welcome back!!!

  • 72.28% game for Jeff and Laurie on Tuesday.

  • Club Championship winners from Monday morning were Gayle and Toni with a 60% which got them 3.06mps. Nice

  • Wonderful new art show by Dani Zack. Thanks, Dani, for sharing your incredible work.
  • Great turn-out for Swiss-14 teams. Congrats to the Palman Team…Cindi, Judy, John and Ellen. Games on Sunday afternoon, Monday morning and then….party time.

  • Thanks to all who attended the party. We look forward to next year’s. “Thank-You” to Roy Lisi and special, special “Thank-You” to Alex and Kim.

  • Congratulations to Jeanne Savage who recently passed her Director’s exam. Jeanne will be a great addition.

  • The picnic was, as usual, a great success. Thanks to all and especially to Terry N for organizing and Mary for hosting.

    Mary in her garden






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