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The Kibitzer

  • Just to let everyone know that all games this week at EBC will be getting a little bit of a late start…10-15 minutes. We need to have a discussion about “coffee-housing”  :the providing of unauthorized information to your partner. A few folks have requested this. Co-incidentally, Sherri and I encountered several examples of it at the Oregon Trail Regional.

  • 70% game for Ralph and Leigh on Monday. Congratulations!!!
  • Congratulations to Deb and Vern for their win in the Azalea Gold Pairs at the Regional in Vancouver. Impressive. Also, David Partridge became a Life Master (As if he wasn’t already.) at the Oregon Trail Regional playing with John Wolf and Jon and Tom McKenna. They won a Compact KO in Bracket II. Good job. There were lots of other good performances by locals. Here is a link to the results.
  • Laurie R and Jeff have asked if they could do a RTB session. It is scheduled for Wednesday, March 22nd from 10:00-2:30. Bring your own lunch. Cost is $10. More details to follow soon. Thanks to Laurie and Jeff. A generous offer. Right now we have four tables.