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The Kibitzer

  • Most of you know by now that marylou is leaving the area. We are saddened, of course, by her departure. The contributions she has made to our bridge community are without equal. We will be having a gathering this Sunday at EBC to acknowledge this wonderful lady. If you cannot play, please arrange to at least drop by at some point.

  • Wednesday Night game. Here is the latest. We are making a push to see if we can revive it in some manner. We will have a Wednesday evening game (6:30) on May 1st with light dinner provided. We are looking for at least five tables.  Ellen is leading efforts to ensure that we have five tables so it feels like a decent game. If interested, contact Ellen. One more note and this may be important for some folks. We will be playing just 24 boards so getting out just a little sooner. Light dinner will be at 6:15.

  • Friday morning game was five tables. Be great if we could get this to be a decent game. Consider putting on your schedules.

  • New Board officers are: President, Bing; Vice-President, John Wolf; Secretary, Betsy and Carole is Treasurer.

  • Reminder. Political discussions not a great idea at the bridge club. Bridge hands. Trips. Grandkids. Weather. Traffic. Partner’s stupid plays. Oh, sorry. Not that last one.  Thanks.






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