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The Kibitzer

  • The memorial service for Jerry Walsh will be this Saturday at 2:00PM at Westminster Presbyterian Church which is on the corner of Coburg and Harlow. There will be a reception to follow. Here is Janet’s address:  1870 Lake Shore Dr., Eugene, 97408.

    Jerry Walsh...A Good Guy

    Jerry Walsh…A Good Guy

  • The much anticipated next phase of the website development is here at last. It is scheduled for this Thursday. The site will probably not be available for some of Thursday and perhaps some of Friday depending on how things go.

  • Well, our visitors from the North, Paul and Veronica, were first overall in Sunday’s Unit Game. Congratulations. But the really big news was our special player, Emily Avey. Emily’s grandmother has introduced her to the game. Emily is in 8th grade at Roosevelt and the only issue with her game today was her partner. She did great and she is scheduled to play with Paul C a week from Sunday.

    Veronica & Paul

    Veronica & Paul


  • We are changing the Swiss team game in January from the 5th Sunday to the 4th Sunday. This is to accommodate to the Portland KO Sectional which is the last weekend of the month. So, the Swiss team game will be January 22nd. This will be a Grand National Team Qualifying event. We could use a couple more teams.

  • Election Party sign-up sheet is posted. We need you to sign-up for this game if you are planning on playing. This event is held at Shadow Hills Country Club which is on River Road almost to Junction City. 92512 River Road is the address. Cost is $30 for Unit members and includes two sessions of Bridge and lunch. A deal.

  • Four Unit Board positions open. Please consider making a contribution back to the game and run for election to the Board. Terms are for two years.

  • Election Party is coming. If you are interested in serving on the Board, now is your time. There will be four positions coming open. The Board has turned into a very active and productive group that has been getting a lot done for Bridge. Please consider giving some thought to running for election and help make a contribution to this game that we all love. If you are interested in running, you can contact Paul Craviotto or Betsy Ovitt. 

  • New Game Starting. There have been lots of requests for quite some time to have another morning game. Viola’. There will be a Friday morning game beginning January 27th.  Game time same as Mondays-9:30. Viability will be at least six tables and we will give it a couple of months to see if it is going to take.