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The Kibitzer

  • NEWS. Friday morning game starts March 1st. 9:30. Open. If we get enough novice players, we will consider running a separate Novice game.


  • Laurie Rowe is offering an entry level bridge class starting February 27th. Click for link to view flyer.

  • New Board members are John Wolf, David Partridge, Carole Schmitz and Denise Cox.


  • Next Mac Class is March 8th, Friday at 9. Playing Moysian (4-3) Fits and more.


  • Hey. This is simple. If you are sick, STAY HOME.

  • Reminder. Political discussions not a great idea at the bridge club. Bridge hands. Trips. Grandkids. Weather. Traffic. Partner’s stupid plays. Oh, sorry. Not that last one.  Thanks.






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