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  • Sherri and Don are hosting their First Annual Labor Day Garden Party on Monday, September 3rd. Festivities get under way any time after 2:00PM and will go until the police arrive. Please feel free to show-up whenever.  There is nothing magical about the 2:00 start time. That is just the time we get home from the morning game. Our address is 2335 Washington Street.

    There are nine steps up to our place and yes, there is a railing.

    We will provide finger foods of some sort. (Sorry, this is not a sit-down dinner.) Of course, beer, wine, sodas and juices.

    We want to create an opportunity for folks to get together and hangout away from the bridge table without feeling the need to rush off somewhere.

    Two very talented local musicians will be performing. As of now, their first set is scheduled for 4:20. Rumor has it Roy Lissi will be doing a very special version of “To Dream the Impossible Dream”….

    Horseshoes, bean bag toss, darts and…???

  • Link to the article in The New Yorker on cheating at high-level Bridge events.
  • And there is this one: Boye Brogeland. Brogeland is the guy who sniffed all this out. He went public with his charges on this site.
  • One more article on the cheating scandal that is sweeping/has swept through the Bridge community. This gives a lot of information of how the offenders were caught. It is in the March issue of Vanity Fair. Enjoy. It’s a great read.


A look back…what were we thinking? This is a photo of what is now the kitchen looking from where the table is that holds the puzzle.

2011-05-28 12.12.51



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