The Kibitzer

Virtual Club Game Schedule

Monday, 9:30
Monday, 6:30 499er
Tuesday, 12:30
Wednesday, 6:30
Thursday, 12:30
Friday, 9:30 299er
Saturday, 10:00
Sunday, 6:30

Possibility of Adding New Virtual Games
August, 2020

We are looking at two options right now. We are thinking about adding a limited game on Wednesday mornings at 9:30. We are also thinking about running a 299er game on Thursday afternoons at 12:15. This is what we did last week during the Silver games. Our concern here though is that it could impact the Open game. We would like to have one more week to think this through. We appreciate your patience. Please feel free to provide any more feedback if you like. We for sure will be doing something.

See new ACBL guidance on allowing people from outside our club to play virtually.

Details in the announcement on the left.

Here’s ACBL’s 2020 Online Event Schedule