New Virtual Game Schedule Starting Monday, June 1.
See Kibitzer Below for details.

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ACBL’s Silver Linings Week, May 25-31
Earn triple master points in silver in our Virtual Club tournaments.
See Kibitzer Below for Details.

BBO Upgrade of Casual Menu

BBO announced an upgrade on May 11, 2020 that affects the Casual Menu of their website. Some of their procedures have been modified, so if you play on BBO, you should review their announcement here.


ACBL’s Bridgefeed is now posting about how COVID-19 is affecting bridge and its community.
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Share your lockdown experience

ACBL COVID-19 Communications

Dear Members,

We miss all of you. We suspect none of us will ever again take for granted the opportunity to get together to play bridge.

There are some folks to acknowledge.

When this all started, we were approached by several individuals offering help financially. We felt the best way to handle this was for the Unit to get involved. The Board decided to set up a separate checking account. President John Wolf, acting on behalf of the Board, sent out a notice to all the members of the Unit.

The response has been impressive indeed. Due to the phenomenal generosity of you, our members, we are able to continue the lease on our building, at least for now. Losing the building could mean we lose Bridge, and none of us wants to see that happen. So thanks to all the folks who have stepped up.

The landlord, Steven Yett, needs to be acknowledged for his willingness to lower the rent substantially during this period of shutdown. We are grateful.

Ellen McCumsey deserves a very special acknowledgment. She has taken it upon herself to get us all up to speed on how to play online on BBO. Her patience is the stuff of legend. Thanks, Ellen.

Betsy has done a great job keeping the BBO user name list up to date.

And Doug Berg has been working on updating the EBC website. It was long overdue. It will be more functional and less expensive. Thanks, Doug.

We and the board will keep you updated when we know more.

Stay safe, and thanks again for your support.


The Kibitzer

Starting June 1, we’re making some changes to our games on BBO.

We’re modifying the game schedule so start times match what we used to do at the club. So start time on Tuesday and Thursday will go back to 12:30.

For now there won’t be games on Saturday or Sunday.

And we’re moving the 299er game to Friday.

See below for the complete schedule.

We also will begin receiving the hands from the Common Game again, like we did when we played at the club. This offers the potential to get more complete scores posted in our calendar, hopefully including hand records. More on this later.

The fee for these games will be $5. We’re still discussing the pros and cons of including a free game. For now, we’re making all of the games Virtual Club games ($5).

The game schedule is posted in our calendar

If you have not registered yet for our Virtual Club tournaments, login on our site (above) and go to EBC on BBO for instructions.

Game Schedule Starting June 1

Monday, 9:30
Tuesday, 12:30
Wednesday, 6:30
Thursday, 12:30
Friday, 9:30 299er

Remaining Silvers Linings Game Schedule

Saturday, May 30, 10:00 Virtual Club Just Added!
Sunday, May 31, 1:05 Virtual Club