Earn Double Points
All Virtual Club Games September 21 – 27

We start a full week of Upgraded Club Championship games on Monday, September 21. All games that week through Sunday, September 27 will feature double points. In addition, awards will be 1/4 gold and 3/4 black. This will apply to all games including events that are masterpoint limited. There will be an extra $1 charge for this game…$6.

We are also wanting to make an effort to see if we can keep the Monday evening 499er game going. We will give it a little more time to see if there is enough interest. Anyone with with less than 500MPs is eligible.



Here’s a nice distraction while we’re stuck inside.

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What would you bid?

You are West, and North deals. Here’s what you see when you pick up your hand:


You are shocked when North bids 7♣! Naturally you double. North re-doubles!

You are beginning to regret putting money on this game.

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The Kibitzer

Virtual Club Game Schedule

Monday, 9:30
Monday, 6:30 499er
Tuesday, 12:30
Wednesday, 9:30 299er
Wednesday, 6:30
Thursday, 12:30
Friday, 9:30 299er
Saturday, 10:00
Sunday, 6:30

Note about alerting in virtual games

We have noticed people sometimes forget to alert their own bids. It’s probably the major difference from in-person bridge and takes some getting used to. To alert a bid, you must first click on the red “Alert” button before you make your bid. You should also enter the explanation before you bid.

The rules for alerting in virtual games differ significantly from the rules in face-to-face games. A good general rule to follow is to alert any unnatural bid (Stayman is perhaps the one exception). One common situation players are missing is when overcalling 1NT. Because of all the conventions used to overcall a 1NT, it seems reasonable to always alert your bid even if it is natural. In addition, all asking bids like Blackwood and Gerber and their responses are to be alerted in virtual games. Also, all cue bids (think Michaels) should be alerted. In a case where 2C over 1C or 2D over 1D are natural, they should be alerted as natural.

Some players have had trouble clearing the alert window so they can see the cards. First, if the window is asking for an explanation, the player who made the bid needs to respond so the window will go away. Second, if it is a normal alert window you should be able to click in the white space to clear it.

See new ACBL guidance on allowing people from outside our club to play virtually.

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Here’s ACBL’s 2020 Online Event Schedule

EBC’s First Day, 2008

Sparse surroundings, and memories…



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