Update from Don and Sherri
July, 2020

It seems like a life-time ago that we were all playing at the club. Clearly it will be some time before we are back over there. Until then, we have Virtual Club. We are fortunate that ACBL created Virtual Club. It is the way we will be able to pay the rent and keep the building which means keeping bridge. The funds that were contributed by so many players to the special fund set up by the Unit would have been soon exhausted given how long this is all going. So “Thanks” to ACBL and “Thanks” to all the folks who have been playing in Virtual EBC.

There is no way of predicting when we will be able to open. Fall of 2021? Right now hard to imagine that it will be sooner than that.

We are adding another game. Sunday evening at 6:30.

The Saturday morning game will be 20 boards. Some folks have requested that we play more boards. Others much prefer the 18. So let’s add a couple of extra boards to the Saturday morning game as a start.

Please remember that you have to self-alert in Virtual. If you are not comfortable with this, check with us. It’s easy-peasy.

We miss all of you. Stay well. Stay safe.

The Good Old Days


Silver Linings, New Game Coming Up

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From Don and Sherri:

Monday begins another Silver Linings Week. All Silver and double points.  For this week, we will be adding a 299er game on Thursday. The game will start at 12:15. So, you can play in the Open game that day or the 299er. 

We know that ACBL just sent out a notice indicating that the restrictions per playing in other Virtual clubs have been modified somewhat. We also are aware that at some point back there, some of you may have received an email inviting you to play in the limited points game in Corvallis. In fact, it might have looked like it came from EBC. It did not. While we totally understand that sometimes it works out better to play in other games, we want you to know that we will do whatever we can to make it easy for you to play in our games. The Virtual Club is how we are able to pay the rent. 

One thing we are considering is running a parallel 299er (or less) game along with the Open game on Tuesday and/or Thursday. Let us know if this has some appeal for you or if there are other options you would like us to consider.

Stay safe. Stay sane.

ACBL Virtual Game Guest Player Policy (Revised)

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ACBL has eased up on some of the restrictions on having people from outside our club play in our Virtual Club Games.

New guidance from ACBL:

The rules for visiting Virtual Clubs on Bridge Base Online (BBO) have relaxed, letting you play more online bridge than ever. Previously, to join a Virtual Club you needed to have played face-to-face bridge at that club in the last year. Now you can play as a visitor!

If you used to play face-to-face bridge at that club but moved – you can play! If your partner is a regular at the club – you can join them! Some rules do apply. Virtual Clubs are limited to a certain percentage of visitors each week, and club managers still control who may access the Virtual Club.

Here’s how you can be a visitor:

From the BBO home screen, click on “Competitive.” At this point there are several options. One is “ACBL Virtual Clubs.” If you go there, you will only see games that you are able to play in as a non-visitor. In other words, these are clubs where we have a record of you playing in face-to-face over the last ~18 months.

If you wish to see other clubs, instead of going to “ACBL Virtual Clubs,” go to “All Tournaments.” This will produce a very long list.

To narrow that list down, you can type the name of a specific club into the search box at the top of the screen. Alternatively, if you wish to see all Virtual Club games, type “vacb” in the search box, and it will show you all Virtual Club games that are open for registration.

The club director of the Virtual Club you wish to attend will need to “follow” you in order for you to be able to register for their game. Quite often the club will put instructions for this in the “Details” tab. You can also send them a private message by clicking on the VACB number that is in the “Host” column in the list of tournaments

See all announcements.

And for members, be sure to check Member News.

The Kibitzer

Virtual Club Game Schedule

Monday, 9:30
Monday, 6:30 499er
Tuesday, 12:30
Wednesday, 6:30
Thursday, 12:30
Friday, 9:30 299er
Saturday, 10:00
Sunday, 6:30

Possibility of Adding New Virtual Games
August, 2020

We are looking at two options right now. We are thinking about adding a limited game on Wednesday mornings at 9:30. We are also thinking about running a 299er game on Thursday afternoons at 12:15. This is what we did last week during the Silver games. Our concern here though is that it could impact the Open game. We would like to have one more week to think this through. We appreciate your patience. Please feel free to provide any more feedback if you like. We for sure will be doing something.

See new ACBL guidance on allowing people from outside our club to play virtually.

Details in the announcement on the left.

Here’s ACBL’s 2020 Online Event Schedule


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