See the Kibitzer below for details on ACBL’s new convention card, with guidance on how to fill it out.

Vaccine Required, Masks Optional For All Games at the Club

Weekly Game Schedule

At the Club
Tuesday, 12:30 Open

Thursday, 12:30 Open
First Sunday, 12:30 Swiss Team
3rd Saturday, Unit Game 

Monday, 9:30 299er
Monday, 9:35 Open
Wednesday, 6:30 Open
Friday, 9:30 749er

Unit Game

Saturday August 20 @ 9:30 am


  • Rebecca Kovach is a new Regional Master (100+ points).

    Congratulations, Rebecca!

    Published On: August 4th, 20220 Comments
  • The August Bridge Bulletin has another installment on how to fill out the new convention card. See all instructions in this post.

    Published On: August 3rd, 20220 Comments
  • The 2022 ACBL National is underway in Providence, Rhode Island.

    Laurie Rowe is off to a good start with a second place in this morning’s Open Pairs competition. Congratulations, Laurie!

    See daily bulletins and tournament results here.

    Published On: July 15th, 20220 Comments
  • Here are the July accomplishments.

    Congratulations to all!


    Ace of Clubs

    Published On: July 10th, 20220 Comments
  • New club master (20+ points): Treyson Sherk

    New sectional master (50+ points): Mary Hansen


    Published On: July 2nd, 20220 Comments
  • Here’s everything ACBL has put out so far on how to fill out the new convention card. They’ve stretched out these articles for five months. There may be more to come in future Bridge Bulletin editions.

    Click here if you don’t see all of the information. You should be able to print what you see. […]

    Published On: June 26th, 20220 Comments

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The Kibitzer

Instructions for Filling Out ACBL’s New Convention Card

Swiss Teams Strategy and Scoring

Here’s ACBL’s Online Event Schedule
Here’s District 20’s 2022 Tournament Schedule

Upgraded and/or Silver masterpoint opportunities every month. Details will be on our calendar.

Tip to speed up online play

Be sure to set up your Bridge Base account to autoplay singletons. One less thing for you to click during the play. To change the setting, log into your Bridge Base account, select the Account Tab, then click Settings. In the Playing section, turn on Autoplay Singletons.

Most people also like to turn on the Confirm Bids setting to avoid bidding mis-clicks, which cannot be undone.

Complete Bridge Base Online Training Materials
BBO Award Symbols — What Do They Mean?
BBO Hand Records
Features of the Common Game Scores Page

Note about alerting in virtual games

We have noticed people sometimes forget to alert their own bids. It’s probably the major difference from in-person bridge and takes some getting used to. To alert a bid, you must first click on the red “Alert” button before you make your bid. You should also enter the explanation before you bid.

The rules for alerting in virtual games differ significantly from the rules in face-to-face games. A good general rule to follow is to alert any unnatural bid (Stayman is perhaps the one exception). One common situation players are missing is when overcalling 1NT. Because of all the conventions used to overcall a 1NT, it seems reasonable to always alert your bid even if it is natural. In addition, all asking bids like Blackwood and Gerber and their responses are to be alerted in virtual games. Also, all cue bids (think Michaels) should be alerted. In a case where 2C over 1C or 2D over 1D are natural, they should be alerted as natural.

Some players have had trouble clearing the alert window so they can see the cards. First, if the window is asking for an explanation, the player who made the bid needs to respond so the window will go away. Second, if it is a normal alert window you should be able to click in the white space to clear it.

Updated ACBL Alert Procedures