Here is EBC’s Code of Conduct. Sometimes this type of document can sound onerous. That is certainly not the intent. The intent is to ensure that EBC is a fun and friendly environment.

Zero Tolerance

  • We support it and enforce it.
  • See link for full discussion regarding ZT.
  • It is important that ZT situations be reported. We cannot act on them if we do not hear about them.
  • We are not suggesting that every incident merits reporting. What we feel is that we will know an incident that merits/requires reporting.


  • Yes, they are legal and some would say, part of the game. But at EBC, we have some restrictions.
    • You may not psyche against a player of a lower stratification than yourself.
    • Psyches done for the intent of just being cute or nasty or for the sake of skewing the results will not be looked upon at all favorably.
  • If you feel an unusual bid has been made against you, please inform us. (Well, within reason. We are aware there are more than a few “unusual” bids made. We are talking Psyches.)

Slow Play

  • First of all, we know it’s not your fault that you are behind. We know that.
  • It is true that once you get behind, you have an obligation to catch up whether it is your fault or not.
  • It is our experience that there are lots of little things that each of us can do to help keep up.Things such as having your opening lead ready to go, not discussing the hands, monitoring the timer, etc., all can help you not get behind.It is true that Bridge is a timed event. It is only fair that everyone is given the same amount time in which to play the hands.
  • Try to claim as soon as you can. We realize newer players can be hesitant to claim, but it is a skill you can learn.
  • Lastly. Slow Play is rude.

Making Own Rulings at the Table

  • This is really uncool. Stop doing it.
  • Do not let folks talk you out of calling the director. You are always within your rights to do so. What may seem obvious to one person may not be to another.

Hand Discussion at the Table

  • This slows down the game and also risks providing unauthorized information for folks who have not played the hand being discussed.
  • We realize that there are times when it just makes sense to say something like, “I thought you had 4 clubs to the K.” We are not saying nothing will ever be said. But there clearly is a difference between a brief comment or quick question and an extended discussion about the hand. That is not permitted. Some folks seem to feel this guideline does not apply to them. Wrong.Very wrong.

Lessons at the Table

  • Of all the “no-no’s,” this is number one. Even if someone asks, indicate that you would be happy to discuss the hand at the end of the session. Now, again, we understand something like, “Well, usually low to the K” can be a way of clarifying a situation. But extended lessons, especially unsolicited ones, are not acceptable.


  • We realize this is not an issue for some folks. If that is the case for you, consider yourself fortunate. It is an issue for many folks. Please be considerate.
  • For some folks, adherence to this policy seems to translate into “Well, I just put on a small amount.” For folks for whom this is an issue, the slightest amount can be a problem.
  • This includes not just perfumes and aftershaves, but scented soaps, scented hand lotions, etc.

Card Snapping

  • Nearby players will appreciate your quiet card play.