Want to improve your game?

We have made an effort here to ferret out the best sites in each of the categories that are listed. If there are ones that you think should be included, please let us know.

If you are serious about improving, the resources are just a click away. The instructional help available ranges from very basic to very advanced.

EBC’s Top Picks.

Bridge Base Online – The future of bridge is online.
Bridge Winners – Amazing. Kit Woolsey is a regular contributor. Five-Star.
The Common Game – This is the source for most of our game files.
The Fifth Chair – One of those sites that seems almost too good to be true.
Howard’s Bridge Page – Five-star.
Larry Cohen – Use the tab that is headed Learning Center.
Richard Pavlichek – Excellent. Must-see site.

bridgeblogger.com – Just what it says. You can easily waste weeks at this site. Bob’s Free Bridge Lessons – Five-Star


Unit 479

Bidding Systems

Bidding Systems Described – Nice,short summary of most systems.
Kaplan-Sheinwold Updated – There was a time when this was THE system.


Bobs Free Bridge Lessons – Five-Star.


Bridge Defensive Signals/Leads – Excellent. Five-star.


Pattaya Bridge Club – Scroll down and you will see there are five sections.

Instruction/Learn to Play

Bridge World – Excellent. Good starting place for academics.
Bridge Bum – Probably not for a beginner.
Bridge Doctor – Online instruction.
Bridge Hands See above in EBC’s Top Pics.
Chris Ryall’s Home Page – Very advanced.
Howard’s Bridge Page – Five-star.
Jeff Goldsmith – Very, very advanced…interesting site.
JimmySez – Intermediate plus.
Marty Bergen – Well, we have to have Marty.
Richard Pavlicheck. Great place to start.
Richmond Bridge Club – Click on the heading Friendly Bridge.

Other Links

Eddie Kantar – Good stuff for newer players.

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