Our Basic Bridge and Real Time Bridge instructional sessions are on hiatus for now. When they start up again, here’s what you can expect:

The format for these sessions involves bidding, playing, and defending pre-selected hands followed immediately by discussing how the hand could have been bid, played, and defended.

We typically play and discuss six hands or so. While the hands for each session are pre-selected with a particular topic in mind, part of the fun is that the discussion often heads off in areas we had not expected.

The emphasis is on having fun. You do not need a partner to participate. We will provide one.

No signup required.

If you have questions or need directions to our club, here is our contact information.

Here are the details of the classes.

Basic Bridge Real Time Bridge
When Fourth Saturday of Each Month, 9:30am – 12:30pm Second Saturday of Each Month, 9:30am – 12:30pm
  • Some bridge experience, even if from long ago, or
  • Social bridge player who wants to learn basic conventions used in duplicate play
  • Advanced beginner or intermediate bridge experience, including social bridge players, or
  • Attendee of our Basic Bridge sessions who wishes to progress to more advanced topics
  • Learn or review some of the common conventions that duplicate players use.
  • Understand the basics of the widely-used 2/1 bidding system.
  • Brush up your skills.
  • Understand how duplicate bridge differs from social bridge.
We will build on Basic Bridge by discussing a variety of intermediate topics such as

  • Guidelines for when to open a hand and in what position
  • Hand evaluation beyond high card points to take into account shape, texture, and the bidding
  • Intermediate bidding conventions
  • Play of the hand
  • And more!