• Congratulations, Martin and Ali!

    Here are the full results of the Seaside events:

    I/N Regional


    Published On: May 8th, 20220 Comments
  • We’re very pleased to finally present this event again! Join us June 3-5.


    Sectional June 2022
    Published On: April 25th, 20220 Comments
  • Roy celebrated his 76th birthday with this recital last month.

    Click the post title to see videos.

    Published On: April 19th, 20220 Comments
  • There will no longer be an online Open game on Friday mornings. We are expanding out the 299er game to a 750 game. Anyone with less than 750mps will be eligible. We may raise/lower this strat level after a few weeks depending on how things go.

    Published On: April 18th, 20220 Comments
  • Click the title above to see leaders in the overalls.

    Full results can be found at these links:

    Tuesday Results

    Thursday Results

    Pacific States STaC 041222
    Pacific States STaC 041422

    Published On: April 16th, 20220 Comments
  • Here are the most recent masterpoint leaders for District 20 and EBC.

    Congratulations to all!

    Published On: April 13th, 20220 Comments