• From Don and Sherri:

    Want to share the news that we have just received. McKenzie Myers (Mac) has just been appointed Senior Manager of Field Operations for ACBL. This means that, short of relocating to Horn Lake, MS., Mac has reached the proverbial top rung of the career ladder in his profession.

    More to the point though, this can only be great news not just for all of locals, but for the entire ACBL organization.

    We thought we should share this with all of you as soon as we learned of it. Seems like this calls for some sort of local celebration/party to honor and acknowledge and most important of all, celebrate yet one more chapter in this “Local Boy Makes Great.” saga.

    Published On: September 26th, 20220 Comments
  • Saturday’s “Breakfast and Bridge” unit game had a good turnout with 7 1/2 tables.

    Thanks to everyone who attended on a Ducks game day. And special thanks to Carole Schmitz for bringing two delicious quiches and Betsy Ovitt for bagels, lox, and cream cheese.

    The unit board will continue offering healthy breakfast items at future unit games. Two board members each month will bring the food.

    See you there!

    Published On: September 18th, 20221 Comment
  • Fall edition of the Trumpet is out. A lot of reporting on the recent ACBL National in Providence. And an interesting analysis comparing pre-covid table counts to current table counts throughout the district.

    Click here to view the paper.

    Published On: September 9th, 20220 Comments
  • The September Bridge Bulletin has another installment on how to fill out the new convention card. See all instructions in this post.

    Published On: September 2nd, 20220 Comments
  • Congratulations, Carol!

    Published On: September 2nd, 20220 Comments
  • We’ve cancelled the August 20 Unit Game. We need 12 pairs to make it worthwhile, and we only had 7 plus one person sign up.

    We’ll try again in September.

    Published On: August 19th, 20220 Comments