• Here’s the link to the full story in the tournament bulletin. Notice Irva’s quote at the end: “I really studied”. Never too late to learn more about this game!

    In an email to Don, Irva said she’s coming to Eugene to celebrate.

    Congratulations, Irva!

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  • Laurie’s having a heckuva tournament.

    Last Friday, she placed 10th overall in the Daylight Open Pairs playing with Deana Liddy of Omaha.

    Monday she placed 3rd overall in the Fast Open Pairs playing with Jeff Overby.

    On Wednesday, Laurie and Irva Neyhart placed 5th overall in the Whitehead Women’s Pairs.

    So far in the Senior Mixed Pairs, Laurie and Hal Montgomery have placed 3rd and 5th in their sections.


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  • New NABC Master – Ali Amory

    New Junior Master – Marty Moran


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  • From ACBL:

    Please consider making a gift to the ACBL Educational Foundation to help us continue and strengthen BridgeWhiz, the program we designed to digitally teach North American middle and high school students the game of bridge, and one which will sharpen their logic, focus, communication, and strategic thinking abilities.
    Click here to sponsor a WhizKid, underwrite a digital table for 4, or invest in a class of 40+ students.
    To make a gift which benefits all the Foundation’s grantmaking, outreach, and educational programming, please click here.
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  • Here’s the link.

    Big story in this edition is that face-to-face tournaments are gradually returning. Check out what’s currently scheduled. Some are just around the corner.

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  • As we have written to you the past few months, the ACBL will be staffing open sectionals and regionals that meet the criteria for the safe return to face-to-face tournaments, including local restrictions, virus positivity rates, vaccination rates and local bridge club activity.

    After running the analysis for tournaments beginning in December 2021, nine (list) have been approved. An additional three (list) will be staffed if face masks are required for all attendees.
    Click here to see the tournaments calendar on our website for the most up-to-date list. It is updated daily, so please check before you go.

    For specific information on safety requirements, please check with the tournament chair, whose contact information will be part of the entry in the tournament calendar.

    All tournaments are requiring that a proof of vaccination be shown. 

    Please note that tournaments not run by ACBL Tournament Directors may still be included on the website. These I/N and downgraded sectionals are generally held at existing bridge clubs and may not be following the Covid guidelines previously published by the ACBL. Please check the tournament flier and/or contact the Tournament Chairperson for details.

    Thank you for continuing to support the ACBL.

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