Here’s a nice distraction while we’re stuck inside.

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What would you bid?

You are West, and North deals. Here’s what you see when you pick up your hand:


You are shocked when North bids 7♣! Naturally you double. North re-doubles!

You are beginning to regret putting money on this game.

Click here to see what you’ve gotten yourself into.

If you think you have a defense in mind, add a comment to this post before looking.

ACBL Reorganization Combines Districts

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If you haven’t already seen it, read the latest edition of The Trumpet. There’s a lot of news in there about ACBL’s reorganization, which includes reducing the number of board members and consolidating neighboring districts, including our District 20, to form 13 regions nationally.

District 20 will be combined with District 21 beginning in 2023, to form Region 12. It may give us (the old District 20) a little more clout nationally as District 20 is currently the fifth smallest in the country, but Region 13 will be a middle-sized region under the new plan.

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