Possible Reopening

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We indicated May 17th as possible reopening however,
that depends on Lane County and State guidelines.
The proposed schedule will be:

Face to Face at EBC:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, 9:30 Open and Limited

Virtual Online:
Wednesday 6:30 499er  and 6:35 Open
Saturday 9:30 199er and 10:00 Open
Sunday 6:30 199er and 6:35 Open

Player Milestones

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New Junior MasterBarbara Phipps
New Club MasterMargaret Bartell
New Regional MasterIllona Wilken
New NABC MastersAli and Martin Nice

Club Spruce-up

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Here are some photos of the club showing the new color schemes inside to welcome us back whenever that will be. Click on the title of this post to display full-screen.

A couple of exterior photos show the unchanged (but still good-looking) front of the building and the side of the building showing the tagged area, covered with primer. They were very ambitious taggers to get up on the roof.

Thanks to Don and Sherri for opening the club for pictures!

Double Points, Valentines Weekend. Club update.

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Happy Valentines, everyone,


Double Points this weekend. Sunday: Swiss 12:30. Please be online 10-15 minutes prior to start.  6:30 Open.

Zoom Sessions:  Laurie Rowe does one after Monday morning game. Don does one after Friday 299er.

Bad News:  Building got tagged pretty severely.

Good News:  New paint job.

We hope everyone is able to get the vaccine as soon as possible. There are lots of emails going around per signing-up. We are not wanting to send along anything that we cannot verify. Good to be pro-active. Perhaps a mid-summer reopen.



Swiss Teams Update

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Our first Swiss Team event went well. We had nine teams. Our next Swiss will be Sunday, the 14th at 12:30. This is a game that will award DOUBLE POINTS. It is important to be online at least ten to fifteen minutes prior to the start of the game in case we have to adjust rounds/boards.

A comment about pace of play. In a Swiss Team game, we are playing multiple boards per round. Generally speaking, this means that the hands are played quicker because we are not moving as often. The goal for the Swiss games should be 6 minutes a board. We will still list it as 7 minutes a board, but it would be great if we could finish in less time.