Sweet Pea…looking for a partner….says she doesn’t bite….

Tuesday Scott

Thanks to Bill Matthews and Ralph Zack for matching all contributions. Players donated just over $1,000 which Ralph and Bill matched. Tuesday Scott and Sweet Pea made a very nice presentation. Great organization that does great work.

Visitation Room

Jill Foster, the sponsor along side Pat O’Brien & Rae Karp-Curtis from The Visitation Room

Most children in the state system have court ordered supervised family visits. These visits are hard for both the children and the parents. The visitation rooms at the agency locations are where they meet. Toys, games and activities help relieve the stress and awkwardness of these visits. Your contributions greatly help in this time of budget cuts.

Money gives the case-workers an opportunity to buy popular items that have worn out and keep toys, books and games current.

Thanks to Jill Foster for sponsoring this event. $385 was collected. Nice.

Food for Lane County

Jerry picking up our food donation…1,345 pounds.

How fun is this. We just get to keep updating this one. Additional donations have brought the grand total to well over $3,000. Wow is the word that seems to keep slipping out. Just wow!!!

Just an amazing amount of money….over $2,372 to-date was raised. In addition, 1,345lbs of food was donated. And a little bonus. Jeff, partnering with Paul, had a very nice 71+% game for first overall. Here are a few photos.

Brad Bassi from FFLC

Just a few of folks who made this possible

Jeff with just a fraction of the food.

Paul & Jeff post their 71% game.

Katie Dettman from FFLC & Jeff

First Place Family Shelter

Wish List for First Place Family Shelter

First Place Family Shelter

Thanks to Susie Piper for sponsoring this group. St. Vinnies does great work in this community. Susie indicated that what would be very helpful for this organization would be donations of personal hygiene items such as disposable razors, shampoo, soaps, feminine hygiene products, hand lotion, skin care products and like items. Bring to the club and Susie will see that they arrive at the proper destination.

Salvation Army

Leigh making “another haul”

Leaning Leigh

Thanks to Leigh Wells for sponsoring. Lots of clothing contributed. The dollar amount donated was almost $700. Again, great job for a very worthwhile organization.

Leigh with Can in Hand

Tis the Season

EPD Kid Safety Town

Betsy with Debbie Janacek from EPD.

“Thanks” from Debbie

Debbie Janacek did a presentation for EPD. Betsy Ovitt was the sponsor. Nice to raise awareness about this program. Close to $300 was raised.


Robben Lyons from CASA with sponsor Ed Mout

“Thanks” from CASA

What a nice presentation by Robben Lyons from CASA. Per Ed’s accounting, exactly $700 was donated. Outstanding! Thanks to all for the contributions and special “Thanks” to Ed, Connie W (The Tall One) and Lee S for sponsoring. A great organization doing some much needed work.

Photos below represent at least three years of charity games and are certainly not all inclusive. We may get them sorted out one of these days.