Ellen’s efforts in getting EBC games set up online have been, well, nothing short of heroic. Really. We all owe Ellen a great debt of gratitude. Many thanks, Ellen.

As is true in undertakings such as this, there are always lots of folks who step up to make it happen.

Betsy has been badger-like (or is it Herculean?) in creating the BBO user list and keeping it updated. (How about that Wisconsin reference there, Betsy. Ya Betcha!) She has presented the list in formats that make it super accessible and useable. View the list here by clicking BBO User List in the menu on the left.

Carole, Susie, Roy, Joyce, Denise and Betsy have all put in lots (emphasis on lots) of time and effort in getting up to speed on becoming online directors for the free tournaments.

Folks who have gone above and beyond in getting newbies comfortable with playing online are Vicky, Judy N, Denise, Susie, and Joyce Trawle.

If we are missing anyone here, our sincere apology. Just let us know and we will fix it.

During this time if isolation, it’s really heartwarming to see us helping each other stay connected through our common love, bridge. It does take a village, which in this case is our incredible bridge village.