Nancy is Bing’s wife. Her work is extraordinary. She will be hanging a new show for us beginning on July 4th. Exciting.

Artist Statement:
I began quilting in the mid-1970s and for many years made only traditional quilts. Now most of my studio time is devoted to creating art quilts.

I often characterize my work as painting with fabric. I’ve recently been devoted to working in a drawing class, and I’m intrigued with the idea of transferring class drawings to fabric with thread.

I like the challenge of taking an idea and transforming it into a piece that says what I want it to say. Determining how to get an idea from my head to a finished product can be frustrating, but I learn something each time I work on a new piece. Often the project Iʼm creating takes over and determines where it is going. I just hang on and enjoy the ride!

Ideas for art quilts come from my love of family, my flower garden, my Eastern Oregon roots, observations I make while taking walks, and a desire to express my thoughts and emotions in a concrete way. I have become much more observant of my surroundings since I began working in this medium.