Deceased List: In alphabetical order. These names have been mostly provided by ACBL and our collective, somewhat shaky, memories. The listing from ACBL shows only those who were members, of course. There were a number of folks who played who were not ACBL members. Over time it would be nice to see if we can get better groupings by years and perhaps a comment or two about anyone you remember as well as a photo of two that anyone might have.

John Anderson
Jack Andrews
Dalrie Andrews
Eleanor Berryhill
Marshall Blu
Jim Botoroff

Joyce Bowerman – As kind a person as anyone could ever meet or know.

Betty Buckingham
Dave Butler Owner Eugene Bridge Club
Robert Capron
E Jean Clark
Lewis Clark
Eugene Cook
Keith Crouse
William Dunnington
Laimons “Ike” Eichentals
Anna Mae Esslinger
Dorothy Eward
Barclay Jones
Kelland Falknor
Muriel Falknor
Elizabeth Forbis

Elizabeth “Betty” Fort – Was quite the accomplished individual.

Marion Frank
Vi Freeman – Co-owner Finesse Bridge Center
Robert Friedman
Joanne Funk – Partner of Dave Butler
Christine Goble
Doris Gray
Karen Gray
Carole Griffith
Lucille Hanmaker
Ilene Hershner
Helen Holiday
Guemon “Bob” Hoover
James “Jim” Howard
Dave Hunter
Meryl Hunter
Sylvia Jacobs – Never failed to cash an Ace
Alan Jaffray
Jen Johnson
Barclay Jones
Bill Jones
Mildred Jones
Margaret Juvenal
Ken Kadish

Jane Kaija – Seamstress and cake baker extraodinaire

Francis Kelley
Edward Kanerva

Darlene Kessinger – AKA, “Killer.”

Pamela Knight
Margaret Leonetti
Robert Leonetti
Norma Jean Lien

Gene Locke – I knew her as “mom.”

Patrick Mannion
Maggie Merwin – A formidable foe at the table.
Joyce Miller
Bill Mickey
Reggie Morse
Gerry Nelson
Zelma Newman
Dolly Omlid
David Ovitt MD
Lillian Owen

Esther Rahm – Loved to play No Trump.

Lorine Reid

Steve Robinson
Carol Ruder
Bev Saxon
Leone Seven
Nick Seven

Frank Shineman – Sweet man.

Betty Smeed

George Speckman

Dave Spence
Janet Springman
Max Steiner
John Stevens
Jim Sullivan
Daisy Taylor
Jon Tresler
Robert “Bob” Tracy
John Vigh
Ruth Warnecke
Richard Warner

Shirley Weightman

Thelma Wekselbla
Wayne Westling – Law Professor at UO.
Edward Wiget
Miles Wilson
Gerri Wuolett