This material is pulled from archives at the Register-Guard. As old as some of us are, none seem to date back to this earliest era of recorded Bridge history in our area…at least not as an active player at the time so as to be a source of information.

“The Carnation club met Wednesday night with Mrs. Hyla Crawford. Bridge was the amusement of the evening. Mrs. Georgia Schaffer won the prize…” 3.11.32 RG. “The Carnation Club” seems to be the first reference to a Bridge club in the area. “…the amusement of the evening” indeed. And what do you suppose “the prize” was?

“Harmony Bridge club. 764 Lawrence street. Mrs. Guy French. 1:30 Wednesday 3.11.41.” RG. The 3.11.32 and 3.11.41 dates seem like an interesting co-incidence.

764 Lawrence

“The first of a series of card parties at the Eugene Women’s City Club, 480 14th Ave. East will take place as a dual affair, Monday afternoon and evening. Auction and Contract Bridge….” Mrs. Levi Smith, chairman. RG

Perhaps we should update to “Chairperson.” Mrs. Smith would, no doubt, be turning in her grave hearing herself referred to as “Madame Chairperson.”
This reference needs a date. Since “…Auction Bridge” was still offered, it is likely from the 1930’s. It is also interesting to note that it was a “…dual affair.” There are lots of places one could go with that reference.

480 E 14th..sort of.

480 E.14th no longer exists. Best guess is it was replaced by the building you see here on the right.

Re-Active Club. “Third year for Bridge benefit for Children’s Hospital School.” RG 9.22.49. “Evening bridge party at Masonic Temple. Mrs. Henry Kuchera, Mrs. Phillip Koke, Mrs. Edwin G. Gardner and Mrs. Duane Mellem. Mrs. Mervin Vater and Mrs. Leland Jeffs.”

There are a number of possible locations for the Masonic Temple.

360 E 15th

Amite Bridge Club “Mrs. Walter Cole: 360 15th Ave. East,Thursday afternoon.” 2.18.1950. Well, this address is very much still there/here. Perhaps one of these days we can gather an interior shot of two.

This reference to the Amite Bridge Club is probably not too distant a link to the games that began to take place at the old College Side Inn (Now the site of The Duck Store) and the soon to appear Erb Mermorial Union. There are some early references to the Eugene Bridge Club holding games “…in the student Union.”