• Here is Don’s recent Trumpet profile on the remarkable career of EBC’s own McKenzie Myers

    Stay safe, and thanks again for your support.


    Published On: June 1st, 20200 Comments
  • Ali Nice recently received recognition from Barbara Seagram for scoring 100% on Barbara’s Quarantine Quiz #5, then proceeded to win a drawing for one of Barbara’s books and recognition on her website. Congratulations, Ali! (May, 2020)

    Published On: June 1st, 20200 Comments
  • Check out our new Partnership Desk by selecting it in the Members menu.

    In the Partnership Desk page, leave a comment to sign up (bottom left). When you need a partner, leave another comment with details. A notification will be sent to everyone who has signed up.

    Published On: June 10th, 20200 Comments
  • Starting June 1, we’re starting a new game schedule using hands from the Common Game. See our calendar for the schedule. Participants will receive scores by email shortly after the game. Others can access the Common Game site for our club to see scores and view hand records.

    Published On: June 11th, 20200 Comments
  • Ellen McCumsey’s efforts with running the free tournaments we feel merit a plaque at the club. Here is what is on the plaque. Since we will not be at the club for who knows when, we thought we would share it with you here.

    Ellen McCumsey
    Puzzle Practitioner Extraordinaire
    BBO Mentor without Compare
    Wednesday Night Creator of Sumptuous Fare
    And the Person Always Doing More than Her Share

    Thanks from all the players at EBC and Unit 479.
    We are so grateful for your efforts
    Summer 2020

    Published On: June 11th, 20200 Comments
  • From Don:

    We’re looking for a time to add a second limited master point game…probably 500 mps or less. More details on this to come later.

    Published On: June 11th, 20200 Comments