• Here is a link from Mac. He has done his version of Kibitz the Pros from some of the hands he played in our June 9 Virtual Club game. Even if you did not play, you will find the viewing quite enjoyable.

    For those of you who played, it is worth sticking around for Max’s and Mac’s postmortem. If you played against them, they may have an insight or two for you. They debrief not only their own hands, but often are making constructive comments per the opponents’ hands.

    For those who did not play, well, I have received several comments from folks who did not play who commented how helpful it was to watch.

    These are national-level players providing this to us for gratis….an exceptional opportunity.

    Mac has indicated he will do this as often as he is able. We are grateful and fortunate.

    Thanks, Mac.

    And thanks to all who have been playing in the Virtual EBC. It is going a long way towards helping defray the fixed costs. We would expect the Board to provide some sort of accounting at the end of the month.

    New game on Saturday mornings at 10:00. Looking at second Limited Master Point Game…probably under 500. Undecided on day/time.

    Stay Safe,


    Here is the link: https://tinyurl.com/June9Emerald

    Published On: June 11th, 20200 Comments
  • Here is another great video from Mac. He is playing in another club and they are playing a Big Club system so may not be of interest to all. We are certainly hoping to have more of these in the future as well as the possibility for some post-mortem sessions after some of our games. We are working on it. Stay tuned.
    I found clicking on Mac’s photo was easiest way to start the video.
    Published On: June 19th, 20200 Comments
  • We are sure you have received the notice from ACBL that all Sectionals and Regionals are cancelled through the end of the year. This was not an easy call for them to make though we think it is a reasonable one.

    There are a few clubs around the country opening back up. To us, that seems very premature. We would all love to be back at the tables, but we are not expecting that until well into 2021. David Brower from the Portland Bridge Club said he wasn’t expecting to open before the fall of 2021.

    Until then, we have EBC Virtual. We are fortunate that ACBL has created this venue. Without it, we would have no source of income to pay monthly expenses. The money that was contributed to the Unit’s special support fund helped with expenses until we were able to get Virtual EBC up and running. If table counts hold, right now we are self-supporting. This means that some amount of those funds that were contributed can remain as a “Rainy Day” cushion since none of us clearly knows what is down the road.

    We would expect that the Board would provide an accounting of amount of money collected, expenses to-date and current status of the special account.

    We are grateful for all those who are playing in the Virtual games.

    We miss seeing all of you. Stay safe…and healthy.

    Published On: June 20th, 20200 Comments
  • Congratulations to Toni Brown and Carol Schaafsma who were the Overall winners of our inaugural 500 MP game Monday evening. Ned and Bev were winners the other direction. We had a nice 7-table turnout. Next week, same time, same bat channel.

    Published On: June 22nd, 20200 Comments
  • Play slam hands on Sunday, July 5 at 1:00pm. Go to the BBO free tournaments area to find Ellen’s session.

    Published On: July 4th, 20200 Comments
  • It seems like a life-time ago that we were all playing at the club. Clearly it will be some time before we are back over there. Until then, we have Virtual Club. We are fortunate that ACBL created Virtual Club. It is the way we will be able to pay the rent and keep the building which means keeping bridge. The funds that were contributed by so many players to the special fund set up by the Unit would have been soon exhausted given how long this is all going. So “Thanks” to ACBL and “Thanks” to all the folks who have been playing in Virtual EBC.

    There is no way of predicting when we will be able to open. Fall of 2021? Right now hard to imagine that it will be sooner than that.

    We are adding another game. Sunday evening at 6:30.

    The Saturday morning game will be 20 boards. Some folks have requested that we play more boards. Others much prefer the 18. So let’s add a couple of extra boards to the Saturday morning game as a start.

    Please remember that you have to self-alert in Virtual. If you are not comfortable with this, check with us. It’s easy-peasy.

    We miss all of you. Stay well. Stay safe.

    Published On: July 7th, 20200 Comments