Carla is one of our own from the EBC community and first artist to display work at the club. We are fortunate to have a second showing currently at EBC of Carla’s work.

Artist Statement:
I love nature and I love painting. So there’s nothing more thrilling for me than being outdoors drawing and painting.

I find most creatures and plant-life interesting but I’m especially attracted to birds, so they are appearing in more of my paintings. My favorite media is watercolor because it lends itself so well to spontaneity, immediacy, and “happy accidents.” I like the fact that I cannot completely control it! I’ve tried acrylics and oil, but always return to watercolor.

My favorite method of painting is to work outdoors. If time or weather is not conducive to this, than I at least try to get some sketches done that I can paint from back home in my studio. I rarely work from photographs. Especially when painting birds I really need to watch their activities and postures before I feel ready to try to capture them on paper.

I’ve been painting in watercolors for the past 15 years, taking classes and attending workshops. I have been a member of the Watercolor Society of Oregon since 1995 and have a BA Degree in Art History from UC Santa Barbara. Eight years ago I retired from work as a computer support specialist so that I could devote more time to artwork.

I’ve never looked back. It’s great to have time to do what I most enjoy!

In 2010 I started taking photos again. I always loved photography and after getting a 35mm DSL I decided to use it as a starting point for my paintings. My rock studies, leaves on rocks, and flower series are from recent photographs.

I have been drawing my stick fellows for over 30 years. They have been a focal point of many of my early pen and ink works. They started out as somewhat Native American and changed over the years to what they are today. They are my guides in many ways. When I start a painting I first draw the figures in pen and ink. The stick fellows take me to whatever type of landscape in which they wish to dwell. I fill in areas with watercolors and then add fabric. The final step in my painting process is to add detail with pen and ink.

Each part of my process is a different journey, in which I lose myself in the endless possibilities.