District 20 Trumpet Reports EBC is First D20 Club to Reopen

The summer edition of the District 20 Trumpet is out, with much discussion about the uncertainties of reopening for in-person play.

It also identifies EBC as the first club in the district to open its doors.

As you read everyone’s take on the whens and hows of reopening, it’s striking how fast things have changed since May when the articles were written. Vaccinations were well underway, but with a long ways to go. There is an overall tone of uncertainty and hesitancy expressed in the Trumpet articles.

But those of us at EBC who have experienced the first in-person games in our district in 15 months seem to feel anything but uncertain or hesitant. Our first week showed a viable mix of in-person and virtual games, with 58.5 tables total. This bodes very well for being able to maintain a brick-and-mortar infrastructure that is a requirement for us to hold our beloved local special events.

One more note: Don’s article mirrors the downbeat tone. But even though Sherri gave him the correct nickname of Mr. Doom and Gloom, when the rubber met the road, he ended up being the trailblazer of a path back to live play. Thank you, Don, for putting EBC out there.

It’s only a week, but so far so good!

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