We welcome any input/stories/suggestions anyone might be able to provide to help make this section more complete. We are very aware that what we have here is the proverbial ‘tip of the iceberg’ per what’s out there and available from all of our collective memories.

Earliest Life Master Listing We Could Obtain from ACBL

January 1st, 1974 seems to be as far back as ACBL records go. Here is the listing, in alphabetical order, they provided for the LMs from Unit 479 as of that date:
John Anderson
marylou Bert
Eugene Cook
Stephen Cox
Margaret Leonetti
Robert Leonetti
Dolly Omlid
Betty Smeed
Jeff Taylor
Gerald Varner
Bill Wolf III

Jeff Taylor Era–The First One

This is a work-in-progress. Jeff has promised us some material and there are sources we need to contact for information.

Eugene Bridge Club (Early Days)

Again, there is more research that needs to be done with Register-Guard archives.

“Eugene Bridge Center will hold Blue Ribbon duplicate bridge game and a Christmas party at 7:30 in Garden Club. $1.25. Call Fred Smith for partners. Also holds a Monday game.” RG

“Mary Ellen Hervey—Long time member of the Eugene Bridge Club and the club annually makes a Mary Ellen Shrode Award in her honor.” RG 6.12.81.

This does seem like a bit of a non-sequitar…Mary Ellen Hervey morphs into the Mary Ellen Shrode Award it seems. And for all of you who think folks are going to remember you…who amongst us knows or remembers Mary Ellen?