EBC. Game at 7:30. 12.14.75.

At some point Dave Butler took over what was called The Eugene Bridge Club. It met in a number of locations. (Some are pictured below.). It for sure held games at the Knights of Columbus Hall and the the Odd Fellows Bldg, both located on Charnelton Street, and also at the Garden Club located on High Street.

Dave died very unexpectedly in May of 2006. Those games were taken over briefly by Unit 479 with Karol Crouse serving as director and Jon Neimand serving as Club Manager. The Unit Board showed little enthusiasm for owning and running the games and voted to get out of managing the games. This led to the formation of the Emerald Bridge Club owned and run by Jon Neimand and Don Marsh.

There is, no doubt, a lot of history that can be filled in here. We are hoping for some good stories to post.