Feedback Wanted on Friday 299er Games

We would like your input:
  • We can keep this game Virtual. Or we can return to F2F. We think you know the pluses and minuses of each of these. 
  • Something you should know. ACBL is making a push to get folks to return to F2F. Beginning July 1st and going through the end of the year, they are offering clubs the opportunity to provide lots of “upgraded” games which means more points. (11 weeks of upgraded. Clubs choice which weeks.) The more points could be anywhere from 11/2 more to almost 3x. These extra “upgraded” games will only be available for F2F. Usually there is an extra charge for these games. That will NOT be the case here. 
  • Just FYI, we have ever intention of keeping the 299er game going on Tuesdays along side the Open.
  • Virtual will continue, for the present, to pay 11/2. It is our understanding this will go away at some point.

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