More Details on the Positive COVID Test

Judy Nevell tested positive for COVID after playing at the club on Thursday, September 23. The most important news here is that Judy is doing great.

We want to let you know that we passed along the information as soon as we became aware.

Our plan is to close the club until Tuesday, 10/5. While we think a case could be made for keeping the club open, we feel that erring here on the side of caution cannot hurt. We made this decision after consulting with a lot of folks.

For any of you who might have been exposed, let us know if you begin to feel ill so we can re-adjust.

From Harriett Kessinger:

Here are the current guidelines for us, according to Lane Co Health:

If you were exposed (meaning you were within 6 ft of a person who tests positive, masks or no masks, within a 24 hr period) you should do the following (anyone who sat through a round of hands at Judy’s table would be in this category):

You are not required to quarantine unless you have symptoms or test positive, but you must wear a mask and maintain social distancing around others, as usual. In addition, they recommend getting tested within 5-7 days of exposure (which would be now). This is recommended even if you have no symptoms (since many people can be infectious even though asymptomatic, as we know.)

There are free testing centers in Eugene and Springfield that are very easily accessible. There is one at the Hult Center (underneath) and one at Autzen.

After 14 days of exposure, a negative test and no symptoms you can relax about this exposure – not to infer that anyone is stressed by any of this.

From Ali Amory:

There’s a drive-thru testing center in the back parking lot of Valley River Center (by the river) that seems like no one knows about it. I’ve driven by it twice in the last week and there’s no one waiting in line.

From Kristi Crowell:

You can schedule an appointment at the VRC drive-thru.

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  1. Doug Berg September 30, 2021 at 11:58 am

    As I was putting together these posts this morning, it occurred to me what a great community EBC is. Judy did not have to reveal her identity to all of us. It took a certain amount of courage to do that and showed a great deal of respect for and trust in our club and its members.

    When Joyce and I joined the club hardly three years ago, we had practically no bridge experience. What kept us coming back, despite the inevitable painful days at the table, were the people we met. We’ve made many new friends, whom we much appreciate since we are relatively new to town (only 13+ years!).

    So get well soon, Judy. We look forward to seeing you back at the club.

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