Next Real Time Bridge Instructional Session 9:30am, Saturday April 8

For now, I think we will keep it as one group. Yes, we have a range of experiences. We can make that a positive.

John and David and I have some great hands for the next session. You can expect that we will be spending more time on bidding and playing the hands and then putting them up for discussion with, of course, a few little side tidbits thrown in just to keep it interesting.

Here is a hand from last issue of Bridge Bulletin that we will start with:

You hold J5=JT7=AKJ3=KJ95.  No One is Vulnerable. MP.

1D 3H ?

It’s Your Call

Bring your “answer” to the next session. We will see how we all do versus the experts.

Saturday, April 8th, 9:30.


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