Positive COVID Test Prompts Pause in Face-to-Face Play

A member of our club has come down with a breakthrough case of COVID-19 after playing at the club on Thursday, September 23. The individual has mild symptoms and is recovering quickly.

As a result, we are suspending face-to-face play until Tuesday, October 5. The suspended games will be played online on the same schedule.

Our club has required vaccinations to play face-to-face since we reopened in June, and when the Delta surge began, we instituted a mask requirement as well. So, after lots of discussion with lots of folks, we feel we can re-reopen October 5. Of course, this will change immediately if another player tests positive.

This is a sobering reminder that this disease is not done with us, even for folks that do everything right.

Go to our members section for a full discussion of this issue.

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