Special Offer from Laurie Rowe

Published On: February 14th, 20220 Comments on Special Offer from Laurie Rowe

With the return of f2f bridge at EBC (Beginning Tuesday, Feb 15) two days a week, Laurie R would like to extend an invitation to anyone who would like to have a game with her on Tuesdays beginning tomorrow. Laurie thought it was a very nice thing that Jeff Taylor did in offering to have a game with anyone in the club who wanted to play with him and for Laurie, this is a way of honoring the memory of Jeff.

Laurie will be at the club a half-hour early to create a card and then is willing to stay after the game to discuss a few hands.

Sorry for the late notice here. I meant to send this note out last week and just forgot. You can contact Laurie at lrowe1976@hotmail.com or call her at her number in the member directory.


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