Spring Issue of the Trumpet is Out

See the Spring edition here.

Laurie Rowe reports on ACBL activities as District 20 director. Many ACBL members still are not playing online.

Reports from other clubs in the district reflect the difficulties clubs are experiencing during the pandemic. Smaller clubs seem to have really struggled. Sad. We are fortunate to be part of a larger club with active members, but we should all be thinking about how we can recruit new members. One of the clubs reported loss of members back to party bridge because they found duplicate too competitive and too much about always winning. Limited masterpoint games help a lot, but sometimes stuggle with table count. Perhaps a pooling of resources from our neighboring clubs could result in the ability to offer more education and more limited masterpoint games so that newer players can advance more rapidly in a more comfortable playing environment.

Don has updates about our club, including some teasing about face-to-face play coming onto the horizon.

Finally, be sure to read Don’s lovely profile of Virginia Garver. What a life she has lived! She is a truly remarkable person.

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