Vacancies in the District 20 Organization

From District 20:

There are vacancies in the organization that need to be filled in order for District 20 to function properly. Sooner rather than later!

Please look these over and see if you or someone you know could do the job. Job functions are listed in the Manual of Policies and Procedures (MOPP) – click on the link for each position for details.

District President – anyone who is a current ACBL and D20 member is eligible to lead the district. MOPP

I’/N  Coordinator – help the upcoming players, host parties, enjoy free lodging at the regionals. MOPP

Finance Committee – both members and a chair are needed. There are only a few meetings a year. MOPP

Education Chair – promote the next generation of players by working with Units, the ACBL, and other Districts on teaching programs. MOPP

Storage space – in the Portland area: someone to handle storage of Sectional Tournament tables (reimbursed).

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