Hooligans/Planet Hool: New Approach for Teaching Bridge to New or Newer Players

From Betsy Ovitt:

Hooligans/Planet Hool is a group is out of San Francisco and is run by and old high school friend of mine that I reconnected with during the lockdown.

They have been very successful at bringing new or rusty beginning players into bridge as it starts with the play of the hand.  They use three apps where it starts with just taking tricks, what that means and how to do it.  The point is that the play of the hand is way more interesting and fun than starting with bidding.  In fact, bidding is the last thing that is taught.  The progression goes from taking tricks, to the play of the hand, to defense. Bidding is last after folks are hooked on the game.

it is open to all ages.  The 2-hour sessions are by ZOOM.  You don’t have to attend every session and can drop out if it is too basic.  It is quite casual and friendly.

Click the poster below to go to their website.

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