Judy Nevell’s Valiant Battle with Cancer is Over

Don announced Judy’s passing yesterday:

“It is with the greatest amount of sadness that we pass long the news that Judy Nevell has passed away this morning. Our thoughts are with husband Bill and daughter Alyssa. More news to follow.”

He later added “I know we are all grieving Judy. Yes, we all knew this time was coming…but, wow…. Judy was a pretty special spirit. Just feels like sharing I guess. Damn..”

From Betsy Ovitt: “She put up a great fight. But that damn cancer eventually won. I am so sorry for losing her. She was such a good person and contributing member to our bridge club.”

Fom Joyce Spence: “I am so very sorry to hear of Judy’s passing.  She will be missed.”

From Toni Brown: “Arriving at bridge one day I see “Audrey Hepburn” with her back to me wearing a striped boat shirt, form-fitting white, white pants and swinging her shiny dark  brown, bobbed hair. “Audrey” turned and there was Judy smiling, totally exquisite exhibiting her great composure.  Judy 1  Cancer 0″

If you have memories to share, please comment below.

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