Kathleen Wilt in hospice, fires affect some of our members

Some sad news. Kathleen Wilt has entered Hospice. Her address is 106 McClure Lane 97402. Showing her how much we all love and care for her at this time would be wonderful so cards would be great.

The fires have affected some folks.

Jim and Colleen Fitzgibbons have had to evacuate. They are staying with friends and as of Sunday the 13th, it appears their home will be spared.

Brian and Glenda Anderson’s home is also in the Level 3 evacuation area and it appears their home is also going to be ok, as of now at least.

Mary Egger’s place is fine for the moment. She said her son’s house was in more immediate danger but it is also ok as of this writing.

If smoke is the worst thing the rest of us need to worry about, it’s a small concern compared to those in or near the fire zones.

Stay in. Stay safe. Someday we’ll return to a form of normal.

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