Lois Fisher and Janne Davis

Published On: June 11th, 20200 Comments on Lois Fisher and Janne Davis

News from Don:

Most of you know “the sisters,” Lois and Janne (Fisher & Davis). I have spoken with both of them. They are doing well, sort of. Lois is now living at The Springs and she is not real excited about that. I am sure they would both enjoy hearing from folks. Janne is 541.461.1847 and Lois is 541.338.8689.

I also checked in with Norma. (541.607.2325). As you know, she is at Terpening Terrace. Norma would love to hear from folks. She is in sort of perpetual lock-down. She has to go out for an eye appointment once a month. When she comes back from that, she has to quarantine in her room for at least two weeks. Not ideal. She sounds like she is doing well in spite of it all. Of course, she expresses how much she misses all of us and being able to be at the tables.

Bill Matthews had a brief stay at Southtown for a short rehab situation and he is now back home. He expresses that he is glad to be back home, of course. Bill tried playing online with Jeff K and he said it was just too much. He got too confused, even with Sharron (Wife Sharron) trying to help him. It was just a little sad hearing it. Bill’s number is 541.1854.

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