New 299er Game on Wednesday Mornings

From Don and Sherri:

We’re adding a new 299er game on Wednesday morning at 9:30. We had considered running a parallel game with the Open on Thursdays like we did for Silver Week. Our concern is that it would take too many tables away from the Open. We need those Tuesday/Thursday Open games to stay viable and if the table count drops too low, folks stop playing. The Open games are stratified.

This sometimes feels like a little bit of a balancing act. It is not a problem for us to add new games and yet we know that too many games can get to be problematic. We are also aware that there are lots of folks with less than 750 MPs playing and we want to accommodate to that as much as we can.

For now, let’s start with the new game on Wednesday mornings and see how many show up for that. It is very easy to add games. We are open to it. We are also open to different point ranges. The 299er seems to be about the right range for quite a few folks.

As always, more feedback/input is welcome. The comments are always thoughtful and helpful.

Stay Safe. Stay Sane.


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