New Basic Bridge Instructional Session, Changes to Real Time Bridge Session

New Basic Bridge Instructional Session Every Fourth Saturday

Beginning on April 22 and every fourth Saturday following, if there is interest, we will hold a session that we are calling Basic Bridge. This class will be in addition to our current Real Time Bridge sessions on the second Saturday of each month and is directed to less experienced players and social bridge players who wish to learn or review some of the basic conventions that players use in our club.

This is not a beginner class but is certainly open to all those folks who want to see if Duplicate is of interest.

We will provide selected hands and we will bid, play, and defend and then talk about how it could have been bid. We will then go through the hand card-by-card on how it could have been played and defended.

The concepts will be basic to start with and the goal will be to give everyone an introduction to basic 2/1 bidding system. The agenda for the first session will be focused on No Trump openings and responses to No Trump openings. It will be easy and fun. It would be nice if we could get at least two tables. Let us know if you might be interested or know of folks who might.

And here are some resources for the topics we’re planning to cover on April 22.

Changes to the Current Second Saturday Real Time Bridge Session

We will reduce the amount of material covered in these sessions. We will focus on fewer hands and take more time hearing from each table on how the bidding went. We will then play the hand on the white board and discuss how it could have been played and defended.

More News

We are adding a ten-minute break to all instructional sessions.

And here’s some great news. Irva Neyhart will be attending the August Real Time session. Mark that on your calendar. She is a top player who is kindly taking her time to visit us and offer her insights.

Please contact Don with questions.

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