• Don discovered the set of boards that we were supposed to play the day EBC shutdown for the pandemic. Seems like a long time ago,

    Thanks to Don, Sherri, and all of EBC’s members for keeping us going and getting us through this.

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  • As much as possible, let’s confine food consumption to the kitchen or lounge area. We all understand per having a beverage at the table.

    We also plan to begin using the backroom as a way of spreading out the tables. Yes, we are all together at the table. There is not a reason though for the tables to be close together.

    Per the gathering for Leigh on Saturday: Yes, it will involve food. Everyone will have to decide for themselves what they want to do. Should you not want to attend, feel free to submit (via email or dropping if off at EBC) anything you might want to share with the family. Reminder that this will be held immediately following the Unit game which will start at 10:00am.

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  • A member of our club has come down with a breakthrough case of COVID-19 after playing at the club on Thursday, September 23. The individual has mild symptoms and is recovering quickly.

    As a result, we are suspending face-to-face play until Tuesday, October 5. The suspended games will be played online on the same schedule.

    Our club has required vaccinations to play face-to-face since we reopened in June, and when the Delta surge began, we instituted a mask requirement as well. So, after lots of discussion with lots of folks, we feel we can re-reopen October 5. Of course, this will change immediately if another player tests positive.

    This is a sobering reminder that this disease is not done with us, even for folks that do everything right.

    Go to our members section for a full discussion of this issue.

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  • From District 20 and Unit 487 Boards of Directors:

    Oregon Coast Regional (Seaside) has just been canceled by the District 20 Board of Directors. It was due to start on September 27.  The main reason is the surge of coronavirus cases in the region. The Board, in an abundance of caution, did not want to unnecessarily expose players, staff, and the community to potential harm from the pandemic.

    Portland Oregon Sectional was also canceled, September 17-19. Please read the comments from the Portland Unit Board (U487) below that reflect the concerns that many in the District have expressed.

    The Unit 487 Board of Directors met on August 11 and came to the unanimous conclusion that we should cancel our planned September 17-19 Sectional Tournament. Our decision was based on the current Oregon Health Authority guidance on 8/11 that included a return to masking indoors and social distancing starting 8/13.

    We understand that the Delta variant is prevalent in our area and is a continuing risk. We note that fully vaccinated people, while generally protected from the worst effects of the virus, remain at risk of developing and transmitting COVID infections. We concluded it is in the best interest of our Unit members to wait until the health and safety risks have abated before resuming tournament play.

    We look forward to the resumption of tournament play and we will keep Unit members advised of our plans for tournaments later this year and in 2022.

    In the meantime, please enjoy bridge safely, and thank you for your understanding.

    Unit 487 Board

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  • Here’s the statement from ACBL:

    August 17, 2021

    Dear fellow ACBL Members,

    Yesterday we notified the sponsors of four sectional tournaments scheduled to begin in September that we will assign tournament directors to staff their tournaments, and they can be held as scheduled. One of these sectionals has since made the decision to cancel. There are an additional six sectionals where decisions are pending per discussion with the tournament sponsors. We are currently discussing options with those sponsors and will update the schedule as soon decisions are made to go forward or cancel. Seaside, Oregon, is host to the one open regional scheduled to begin in September, and we are holding off on making a staffing decision for that tournament until August 20, which is approximately 30 days before the start of the event. You can see the list of scheduled tournaments here. I know the sponsors will do a great job of providing a safe playing area and will make sure the players have the best experience possible under the constantly changing circumstances in which we find ourselves.

    Due to the pandemic, there has not been an open tournament held since March of 2020, and we are excited that it is now possible to staff some tournaments. We are making our decisions on staffing on a case-by-case basis, looking at multiple criteria to help ensure the safety of those attending, volunteering and directing. The criteria include local restrictions, virus positivity rates, vaccination rates and local bridge club activity.

    We have also issued an updated ACBL’s Tournament Covid Precautions Policy, which you can find here. We are requiring all participants, players, volunteers and ACBL staff, to be fully vaccinated, and some tournaments may recommend or require face masks, depending on local conditions. Please comply with all safety precautions for your protection and the protection of everyone else present. Everyone’s safety is our top priority. We recognize the danger presented by the Delta variant and encourage everyone to wear a mask, even if they are not required, and to please stay home if you are not feeling well or if you are in a high-risk category.

    Many of you have contacted me asking if we will hold the Fall NABC in Texas. As of today, it’s a go. We are very hopeful that the current spike in infections will decrease by November and that we will be able to have a safe event. We are continually monitoring the local conditions for the Fall NABC and all the other upcoming scheduled tournaments. We will provide periodic updates on staffing.

    Thank you for continuing to support the ACBL through these trying times. Since the pandemic hit last year, my leadership team and the Board of Directors have worked tirelessly to make good decisions to benefit membership. We quickly expanded opportunities to play online, successfully negotiated out of five NABC contracts at minimal cost, and now are plotting course to return to in-person tournament play. A consistent path forward is difficult due to the many unknowns, so we appreciate your patience and understanding.

    Joe Jones
    Executive Director

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  • Hi All,

    • Geez. We leave for a few days and come back to a full blown pandemic. Guess this is what happens when we leave the “nice” director in-charge.
    • There will be a game tomorrow (Thursday). The Governor’s mask mandate does not officially start until Friday. However, probably not a terrible idea to consider for tomorrow. 
    • Our plan is to continue the Tuesday and Thursday games for now. 
    See some of you tomorrow.
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