• We would like your input:
    • We can keep this game Virtual. Or we can return to F2F. We think you know the pluses and minuses of each of these. 
    • Something you should know. ACBL is making a push to get folks to return to F2F. Beginning July 1st and going through the end of the year, they are offering clubs the opportunity to provide lots of “upgraded” games which means more points. (11 weeks of upgraded. Clubs choice which weeks.) The more points could be anywhere from 11/2 more to almost 3x. These extra “upgraded” games will only be available for F2F. Usually there is an extra charge for these games. That will NOT be the case here. 
    • Just FYI, we have ever intention of keeping the 299er game going on Tuesdays along side the Open.
    • Virtual will continue, for the present, to pay 11/2. It is our understanding this will go away at some point.
    Published On: June 14th, 20210 Comments
  • The summer edition of the District 20 Trumpet is out, with much discussion about the uncertainties of reopening for in-person play.

    It also identifies EBC as the first club in the district to open its doors.

    As you read everyone’s take on the whens and hows of reopening, it’s striking how fast things have changed since May when the articles were written. Vaccinations were well underway, but with a long ways to go. There is an overall tone of uncertainty and hesitancy expressed in the Trumpet articles.

    But those of us at EBC who have experienced the first in-person games in our district in 15 months seem to feel anything but uncertain or hesitant. Our first week showed a viable mix of in-person and virtual games, with 58.5 tables total. This bodes very well for being able to maintain a brick-and-mortar infrastructure that is a requirement for us to hold our beloved local special events.

    One more note: Don’s article mirrors the downbeat tone. But even though Sherri gave him the correct nickname of Mr. Doom and Gloom, when the rubber met the road, he ended up being the trailblazer of a path back to live play. Thank you, Don, for putting EBC out there.

    It’s only a week, but so far so good!

    Published On: June 9th, 20210 Comments
  • We had a total of 58.5 tables the week of June 1 through June 7. It looks like all but one of the limited point games had enough tables to play.

    A good week! Thanks to everyone.

    Published On: June 9th, 20210 Comments
  • Our Eugene bridge community showed great support for the club by flocking to our first two in-person events in 15 months. Thirteen tables on June 1 and 10.5 on June 3.

    It was great to see everyone in person again, and the feeling of a return to normalcy was something very special.

    Thank you to all!

    Published On: June 5th, 20210 Comments
  • It feels like a lifetime ago since our last game at EBC. Actually, it has been almost 15 months.

    • We will be holding Open games Tuesdays and Thursday at 12:30 starting June 1st
    • We can provide Limited games at those same times if the numbers support it.
    • All other Virtual online games remain the same for now. We are looking at moving the 499er Wednesday morning game to Wednesday evening at some point. This could happen as soon as two weeks from now. We will keep you posted. Some of the smaller Virtual games may go away. For now, other than the Tuesday Thursday games, everything else remains exactly the same.
    The Basics
    • Everyone must be fully vaccinated.
    • Masks are optional. 
    • We will have coffee and sodas.
    • $5 table fees Tuesday and Thursday for this reopening week. $8 after that.
    • Free EBC fault-finder T-shirts. (All 2XL.)
    • Free playing cards.
    • Tons of free books….beginner to advanced.
    • Free sets of bidding boxes. 
    We are looking forward to seeing all of you back at the tables. We have no idea how this is all going to work. Our plan is to give it three months and evaluate everything at that time.
    Published On: May 30th, 20211 Comment
  • At long last we are ready to open back up. The date is June 1st, a Tuesday. We will start f2f with games on Tuesday and Thursday at 12:30. In addition to the Open game, we will offer a Limited game if there are enough players. Let’s assume the Limited will be a 299er but it could be adjusted depending on who shows up.

    For now, the current schedule of Virtual online games will remain exactly the same minus the Tuesday and Thursday games. We would like to move the Wednesday morning 499er game to the evening at some point, but for now it will stay at 9:30.

    The expectation/assumption is that EVERYONE is fully vaccinated.

    Masks. This one is a little tricky. Governor Brown has significantly lessened the requirement for masks in public. Our hunch is that if we require masks now, some folks will stay away. On the other hand, it is possible some folks will not come if masks are not required. It would be helpful to hear from folks who feel like they will only play f2f if everyone is masked up and also from those who feel they will not play if masks are required. Please respond to donmarsh45@comcast.net or Sherri_morgan@comcast.net.

    There will be no food. We will have beverages.

    Of course, things could change between now and June 1st. We will always adhere to State, County and Springfield guidelines.

    Published On: May 20th, 20210 Comments