Reopening Discussion

Published On: May 20th, 20210 Comments on Reopening Discussion

At long last we are ready to open back up. The date is June 1st, a Tuesday. We will start f2f with games on Tuesday and Thursday at 12:30. In addition to the Open game, we will offer a Limited game if there are enough players. Let’s assume the Limited will be a 299er but it could be adjusted depending on who shows up.

For now, the current schedule of Virtual online games will remain exactly the same minus the Tuesday and Thursday games. We would like to move the Wednesday morning 499er game to the evening at some point, but for now it will stay at 9:30.

The expectation/assumption is that EVERYONE is fully vaccinated.

Masks. This one is a little tricky. Governor Brown has significantly lessened the requirement for masks in public. Our hunch is that if we require masks now, some folks will stay away. On the other hand, it is possible some folks will not come if masks are not required. It would be helpful to hear from folks who feel like they will only play f2f if everyone is masked up and also from those who feel they will not play if masks are required. Please respond to or

There will be no food. We will have beverages.

Of course, things could change between now and June 1st. We will always adhere to State, County and Springfield guidelines.

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