Swiss Team Experiment, Possible 199er Game

Swiss team games are coming to Virtual EBC.

We are going to do a Beta test of sorts on Sunday, the 7th of Feb. at 12:30. The fee for this game will be $3 which is the lowest BBO allows. We are wanting to use this game to give us all a chance to check out this new format. If there are an odd number of teams, the choices are to have a sit-out or use robots. We plan to use robots.

We appreciate you considering getting a team together to check this out. Pleas be online 15 minutes prior to game time.

See the link below for player instructions. It is important to note how to register.

Assuming the Beta goes well, we plan to then host a Swiss Team game on Sunday, the 14th at 12:30. This is a double points game.

Depending on interest, the idea, as of now, is to hold a Swiss Team event at 12:30 on the second Sunday of every month.

Possible 199er game

We are checking to see how much interest there would be in adding another limited point game.

Setting the upper limit at 199MP includes most of the folks we think might be interested. Some have requested a 99er game but we do not have enough folks in that grouping to create viable games.

Possible times. Saturday morning at 9:30. Wednesday evening at 6:30. Sunday evening at 6:30. Or….?

Zoom session available to discuss hands immediately following the game.

Let us know if you are interested.

Don and Sherri

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